Here are the steps for creating an account with Washington Healthplan Finder:
(If you already have an account, please skip to step 3)

  1. Create Account: Follow the prompts on to create the account. Passwords and security questions have very specific requirements, so pay close attention to these to avoid frustration. Also, keep a confidential record of your passwords & security questions.
  2. Start Application:  Click “Start Application”.  Once your account is created,  complete only the first page so that you can hit “Next”. This will trigger an application id which is needed to link us to your account. Go ahead and complete all the questions, including jobs and income so that we can determine the subsidy available to your family. If you believe your income won’t qualify (aka income too high) your family for subsidy (or if you don’t want a subsidy) you can uncheck the box asking if you want to apply for advanced premium payments and/or Cost Share Reductions.
  3. Add Sound Benefit Services, Inc. as broker: Once your account is created, there is a quick-link on the right to “find a broker/navigator.” Click this link and type our agency, Sound Benefit Services, Inc.  Our physical address is 6628 212th SW ST Ste 112, Lynnwood, WA 98036. You can name Victor Meiusi or Charles Craig as your broker.